June 27, 2022


Women's Basketball X's & O's

BC Prometey Catch and Shoot Clips

bc img

Photo Cred: FIBA

Shooting off the catch makes up the greatest bulk of BC Prometey's 91 ppg.

BC Prometey score 21 points per game and 1.1 points per possession on catching and shooting actions. This makes up the majority of the 91 points per game they average every night they take the floor.


I talk about throwing strikes all the time to shooters. The shooter shows their target early and the passer hits the target. The better the pass the better chance of making the shot. The spacing they have on offense creates long close outs and gives them gaps to attack for kick out threes. In scramble situations or on offensive boards, which are 2 examples to get open three’s, are examples of how they get good looks as well. As you watch this clip you will see more. Those are just a few I wanted to mention.

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