June 27, 2022


Women's Basketball X's & O's

South Carolina Offense And Playing Through Their Posts

south carolina image

Photo Cred: South Carolina Athletics

Check out South Carolina and how they utilize their post players.

South Carolina is loaded with talent at all positions on the court. But their post play and how they utilize their posts in my opinion is the strength of their team.


After watching all of their 2 point makes against Stanford it was noticeable how often the posts were a part of most of the buckets. Whether they were scoring or screening. They had a major impact on the win. Here are ways South Carolina uses their posts:

  1. High Low Action
  2. Ball Screens | Screens For Slashers/Shooters
  3. DHO’s With The Guards
  4. Posting At The Rim

In the high low action they will hit the low post, shoot, or attack. When screening they get low/wide and can pop off ball screens for the open shot or dive low to the rim. They set excellent screens no matter the type. In direct hand offs(usually from the elbow area) with the guards they have the ability to fake the hand off and attack the rim.

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