June 27, 2022


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Attacking Zone Defense | Townsville Fire Basketball

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Photo Cred: WNBL

A look at how the Townsville Fire attacked zone defenses

Stretch the defense and put them in positions forcing them to make a decision. See how the Townsville Fire did just that during the 2019 WNBL season.


When attacking a zone defense there are a few things you want to do early. One of those things is stretch the zone early and then slot your players in the gaps. This makes the defense have to adjust early and make decisions. It also creates early gaps to attack and score the ball. Here is what you will see in this video from the Townsville Fire during the 2019 WNBL season.

  1. Post flashing high and filling open gaps after sending a cutter through and shifting the zone.
  2. Forcing the middle of the zone to make a decision.
  3. Getting a kick out 3 after a paint touch.
  4. Screening the backside of the zone.
  5. Ball screening the inside the top of the zone for the guard to use.
  6. Against the press they gut the middle of the zone.

Make sure to check out the individual player videos on my website for more breakdowns by position.

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